Tuesday, December 7, 2010

J&M Audio Gear

I'd like to welcome my newest sponsor in my Iron Butt Rally Adventure. John Lazzeroni and his wonderful colleagues at J&M Motorcycle Audio have provided me with the MA-967 system for audio integration of my Zumo 665 and Adaptiv TPX Radar Detector. John also supplied an Elite Headset with a volume control on the cord for my Nolan N-103. The volume control is a very cool feature.

Now why would I take a perfectly good Bluetooth-ready helmet and put a cord on it? Because John Lazzeroni (the "J" in J&M) told me to, that's why. John loves his own Bluetooth module for the N-103, and the 30 hour battery life is best in the business. But the battery is not hot-swapable, and takes more than my expected sleep-time every night to charge in its housing. So while the J&M Bluetooth N-103 is the state-of-the-art for touring motorcycling, the M-967 is where it's at for extreme long distance riders.

I told Elizabeth I was going to wear the helmet to bed. She rolled her eyes. Again.

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  1. Hi there, just discovered your Blog today. I'm a fellow rider in the IBR 2011... On helmet systems, did you consider the Scala Rider G4 Powerset as a Bluetooth option? I, Also, have been avoiding Bluetooth solutions due to battery life for LD rally-style riding. But the G4 Powerset comes with 2 complete modules (1 for a rider, the other for a 2nd rider or passenger). I'm going to use both of them on the IBR. I can use one module while the other is charging off my bike while riding and swap as needed. Good luck in your preparations!