Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Adaptiv Technologies TPX Radar Detector

I'd like to welcome Adaptiv Technologies as a sponsor to my 2011 Iron Butt Rally participation. The TPX Radar Detector was designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists. It's a "fully customizable, complete system designed specifically for motorcycles." Features include its "angled LCD, large buttons, and water, vibration and shock resistant design." Certified by Speed Measurement Laboratories, Inc., the TPX is the perfect accessory for the long distance motorcyclist. I intend to use the TPX Radar Detector throughout the Rally, in all states where it is legal, to help keep me alert and aware.

The Motorcycle Accessory Mount is a fantastic accompanyment to the TPX.

Mine are on their way from the factory, and I'm tracking the Fed Ex shipment hourly.

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